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Bikini waxes: popular hair removal for women

Bikini waxes are exactly as they sound: waxing the hair around the bikini area to keep it from being visible. It’s a longstanding practice among women who don’t want to deal with unsightly, embarrassing hair while at the beach. Feeling smooth, sexy and confident will undoubtedly help you enjoy yourself more, and perhaps bikini waxes are something to consider.

There is a long history to bikini waxes, of which there are many different types. If you’re getting a professional wax, hair removal styles vary depending on the amount of hair you’re looking to remove. Different types of bikini waxes appeal to different types of people, and it’s up to you to decide what you want.

There are a few different types of bikini waxes to choose from. By far the most popular, the full bikini wax leaves a small amount of hair, removing anything exposed by a bathing suit line. A “landing strip” leaves a vertical strip of hair on top, waxing just around it. Brazilian bikini waxing removes all the hair in your pelvic area. These are just some examples and it all, of course, depends on what you’re comfortable with. Hair removal for women isn’t the same from person to person, and not all bikini waxes are right for your pain tolerance or your confidence level. When you get a wax, hair removal experts make sure they know how much hair to remove before getting started; that way you will be satisfied with the result.

Brazilian bikini waxing, or any other type of bikini waxing, for that matter, varies depending on the person and his or her level of pain tolerance. Some women don’t see the point in that much maintenance while others can’t imagine living without that smooth, sexy feeling that comes from professional hair removal. For some women, bikini waxes can be very painful, and you can take some pain medicine before your appointment; that way, it will take effect by the time you’re ready for the wax & hair removal procedure.

Bikini waxes in Massachusetts

At a Falmouth, MA day spa, bikini waxes are among the most popular procedures. With licensed, experience technicians, you’ll be amazed at how relaxing and comfortable the experience actually is. If you were apprehensive about bikini waxes before your appointment, the care and consideration you’re given at the salon will change your mind in no time. Whether you go for a full Brazilian bikini waxing or a modified version, don’t shy away from using a Falmouth, MA salon.