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Are Botox Injections Considered Cosmetic Surgery?

We’ve heard so many horror stories associated with different kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures gone wrong: Botched nose jobs, lip fillers that are just too much, an exaggerated face lift—these are the cautionary tales we hear about cosmetic surgery from doctors and friends. Some of these we’ve actually seen for ourselves on celebrities or on regular people on the street.
People are still on the quest for the fountain of youth, however, and Botox injections provide a non-surgical way to shave off a few years from your age. Botox injections are not exactly considered cosmetic surgery since, well, there is no surgery involved—only a series of tiny injections. As with everything, there are risks; however with proper administration, Botox injections can truly be an effective anti-aging option for some people. Unlike other forms of cosmetic surgery, Botox injections don’t have much downtime and have lesser side effects.

How can you tell if you need Botox injections?

Normally, people who are looking into getting some cosmetic surgery work done already know what part of their face or body they would like changed. The same is true in the case of Botox injections: Patients are usually painfully aware of the wrinkles, fine lines or crow’s feet that weren’t there before. It is a relatively common procedure; there are a lot of spas and medical clinics that offer Botox injections on Cape Cod, for example, and these Botox services in Falmouth and its surrounding areas are rife with customers looking to turn back the clock via a shot of the needle.
The cost of Botox—in Cotuit, Cape Cod or any other New England town—is pretty much standard, but depends on your doctor or on the clinic at which you have it done. If you’re seriously considering Botox, Cape Cod, MA doctors, dermatologists—and though it isn’t considered cosmetic surgery per se—also cosmetic surgeons are highly qualified and professionally trained to do the process.
Botox injections aren’t painless, yet a lot of people find the pain to be worth going through these Botox services. In Falmouth or any other town in a chic, fashionable city such as New York, Paris, Milan or Los Angeles, residents are quite conscious of how they look; cosmetic surgery procedures and Botox injections are simply par for the course in maintaining one’s appearance in these modern, cosmopolitan places.