Specialty Facials

Specialty Facials

We know that every individual is different and we understand every skin type. Our specialty facials are targeted in such a way as to cleanse your specific skin type with no harm. We conduct a skin analysis prior to the specialty facials to come up with a unique skin treatment customized and personalized for your skin type. We utilize antioxidant and hydrating agents to keep your skin fresh.


Our Specialty Facial Services

Redness Therapy® Facial (Sensitive Skin)

A redness flare-up can be triggered by exposure to different stressors, sun, as well as extreme temperatures and wind. This treatment offers fast relief to calm and soothe sensitive, easily inflamed. Patented formulas are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory; there are two intensely calming and cooling facial masks. This is the ideal facial for those who do suffer from persistent or occasional redness.

50 minutes                  $125

Men's Facial

Shaving creates unique problems for a man's face. There are many symptoms: chronic dryness, razor burn, ingrown hairs, inflammation, clogged pores or even acne breakouts. This all-inclusive treatment immediately soothes irritated skin. Clogged pores are cleaned deeply and dullness is gently removed. This treatment will hydrate and reinforces your skin's naturally occurring protective barrier.

50 minutes              $125

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